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What to Bring

PHOTO ID & SOCIAL SECURITY CARD – Bankruptcy law requires you to provide proof of your identity. Please bring a government issued photo ID (eg. driver’s license) and your social security card to the meeting.

INCOME DEDUCTIONS – Please bring documentation regarding any deductions from your income including federal or state taxes, retirement contributions, insurance, court ordered payments, garnishments, or any others for the past 6 months.

EXPENSES – You will need to provide a listing of all your monthly household expenses before filing for bankruptcy. This includes rent or mortgage, utilities, telephone, internet, cable television, transportation, alimony or child support, food, clothing, entertainment, and any other monthly expenses. Please bring as much documentation of these expenses as you have for the past 6 months.

PAY STUBS/PROOF OF INCOME – Bankruptcy law requires that you provide proof of your average monthly gross income from every source for 6 months before you file your bankruptcy petition. Please bring all pay stubs or any other income records for the past 6 months to your initial meeting. You should include record of tips, commissions, bonuses, unemployment compensation, social security, retirement pension, rental income, interest or dividends, spousal or child support, and any other source of income. If you live with a spouse, then you will need to bring records of your spouse’s income for the past 6 months as well.

DOCUMENTS FROM PREVIOUS BANKRUPTCY – Please bring all documentation you have for any bankruptcy you filed in the past years.

OTHER DOCUMENTS – Please bring a list of all previous addresses for the past 3 years, documentation of any money received from a trust or a probate estate, and documentation of any felony conviction.